Tax Alert: Hood River to host Sales Tax meeting

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Hood River wants to become the first in Oregon to have its own County Sales tax!

An official County government poll shows that Hood River citizens do not want a sales tax. Oregonians statewide have rejected a sales tax 9 times. What part of “No” do the County politicians not understand?

The County is discussing a whopping 2% sales tax on goods sold in the County. They promise not to touch groceries, gas and medicine — but that only lasts as long as their promise does.

Here are reasons why a sales tax is a bad idea.

– Sales taxes hit the poor hardest. Sales taxes are the most regressive as they take a larger percentage of income from low-income taxpayers than from high-income taxpayers. Sales taxes are known for hitting lower income and seniors the worst.

– Government has enough money. Oregon ranks the 6th biggest government spending state (State, county, city combined) per capita in the United States.

– Tourists and residents are taxed enough. Hotel taxes increased 80% in 2016. A 10-cent gas tax increase was passed in 2017 making it the nation’s 5th most expensive.

– Sales tax creep. Sales taxes start small and then slowly balloon over time. People avoid the tax by shopping elsewhere and politicians respond by jacking up the rate even higher to capture lost revenue. You pay higher taxes as local businesses lose customers.

Sales Tax Public Comment
Monday Feb. 5th, 6pm
Special County Commission Meeting
County Administration Building
601 State Street, Hood River

Ron Rivers, Chair
[email protected]

Karen Joplin
Commissioner, Dist. #1
[email protected]

Rich McBride,
Commissioner Dist. #2
[email protected]

Bob Benton,
Commissioner Dist. #3
[email protected]

Les Perkins,
Commissioner Dist. # 4
[email protected]

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