Buehler accepts 5 debate invitations, challenges Brown to 5 more

Today, Knute Buehler has accepted five debate and joint appearance invitations from media and event organizers. The five include: The Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association on July 20 in Central Oregon, KOBI-NBC TV in Medford on October 4, KATU-ABC TV in conjunction with Portland State University in Portland on October 15, KGW-NBC TV in Portland the week of October 8 and Children First for Oregon in late September or early October in the Portland-area.

In addition, Buehler is once again challenging Brown to five additional debates and/or joint appearance in other areas of Oregon not included on this schedule and to be determined. On primary election night, Buehler challenged Brown to five appearances – two in each of Oregon’s Congressional district. She has yet to publicly accept Buehler’s invitation to join for 10 appearances.

“Dr. Buehler is excited to meet Governor Brown face-to-face to answer questions from journalists and voters about Oregon’s future. He believes it’s important that voters from all across Oregon, no matter their zip code, have the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates,” said Rebecca Tweed, a spokesperson for the Buehler campaign. “We hope Governor Brown will actually begin accepting debate invitations, so that discussions over format details and participation by other candidates can get underway with event organizers.”