Leading Democrats Join Two Non-Affiliated Members of Bend La-Pine School Board to Endorse Cheri Helt

A majority of the Bend La-Pine School Board join a trio of Bend City Councilors in backing the working mom and school board member for State Representative

Three elected Democrats on the Bend La-Pine School Board announced their endorsement today of Cheri Helt in the race for Oregon House District 54. They were joined by two other members of the board who are not registered with any political party (non- affiliated). Helt is the nominee of both the Independent and Republican Parties. The Democrat board members endorsing Helt are Julie Craig, Ron Gallinat and Dr. Stuart Young. Board members Andy High and Peggy Kinkade endorsing Helt are non-affiliated. Last month, three members of the Bend City Council also endorsed Helt’s candidacy.

“Our school board has worked across party lines to raise graduation rates by 10%, manage growth with new schools and recently voted to implement new school safety measures. I am proud to have the support of such good people and thoughtful leaders,” said Helt.

“I am endorsing Cheri Helt because we’ve served together on the Bend-La Pine School Board and I know she will fight for education, get more dollars to the classroom, and she can enrich the lives of all students across Oregon,” said Julie Craig.

Ron Gallinat said of Helt, “Our board has diverse members with different backgrounds and ideas, but we come together to solve problems for our students. Cheri always puts kids first and politics last.”

“Cheri joined the school board to make sure her kids and others had someone fighting to give them a fair chance in school,” added Andy High. “I know she’ll bring the same passion to Salem for students all across Oregon.”

Peggy Kinkade, who has served with Helt during her entire school board tenure, said “I can’t think of anyone more qualified or motivated to represent Bend than Cheri Helt.  Cheri is a passionate and persistent advocate for kids, and I know she’ll apply that same approach to improving Oregon’s future for all of us. ”

“In my more than 40 years in education, I have realized all learning systems need talented teachers and administrators and must have exceptional leadership through school board members,” said Dr. Stuart Young. “Cheri is exceptional because of her passionate commitment to making sure every child has access to quality education. Her dedication, understanding of state school finance laws, and relentless efforts on behalf of children make her the best candidate to promote this philosophy at the state level.”