Cheri Helt Focuses on Background & Education in First Ad

The working mom and school board member is running to represent Bend in Oregon House

Bend — Pledging “there is more to be done” Bend-La Pine school board member Cheri Helt released her first TV ad highlighting her experience as a family business owner and record of rising high school graduation rates. Helt and her husband Steve invested their life savings to start two Bend restaurants that now employ nearly 100 people. Cheri is a working mom with three kids attending Bend public schools. Elected three times to the Bend-La Pine School Board, Helt has a proven record of pragmatic leadership and delivering results – with rising graduation rates, more technology in classrooms, performance based compensation for teachers, new schools to relieve overcrowding and more environmentally-friendly schools and buses.

“There is nothing more important than a quality education for every child in Bend and Oregon. My commitment is to work as passionately in the Oregon House to improve our schools as I have on the local school board. That means tackling Oregon’s unacceptable graduation rate, creating safe school environments and boosting funding for career and technical education opportunities to help keep kids in schools and provide them the skills and opportunities to succeed in life,” said Helt.

Cheri Helt is the Republican candidate for Oregon House District 54.