9/11 connection to US General in Afghanistan

By Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Director

Top US General in command in Afghanistan, John Nicholson, gave an illuminating interview to Al Jazeera this summer about the war against terror 17 years later. While touring Afghanistan in a helicopter the General said this; “This is where the war started.  9/11 was launched from here.  My office was destroyed in the Pentagon on 9/11 by the plane that hit the building. Thanks to God I was not in my office at that time.  So this is deeply personal for me.”

The Al Jazeera interview I found to be a sobering and honest picture of the struggle we face fighting terrorism in Afghanistan. I admire the General’s transparency to open up to foreign journalists and take the hard questions.  No matter where you stand on the America’s involvement in Afghanistan, I encourage everyone to watch the interview as a reflection on 9/11 and this defining ongoing struggle.