Oregonian editorial against Measure 104 is so wrong

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

I applaud The Oregonian newspaper for taking the correct and courageous side on many ballot measures over the past few years, but today’s editorial against Measure 104 is a serious error.

The Oregonian has come out against Measure 104. Apparently they don’t like that voters in 1996 voted to require a 60% for all tax increases. As a result, it is now OK for politicians to lie, cheat and steal to pass taxes by pretending taxes are not taxes in order to avoid the 60% Constitutional vote rule approved by voters.

The dishonesty of taxes and the need for Measure 104 is out there for everyone to see. Earlier this year the politicians created a $600 million carbon tax bill. Instead of it being labeled a “tax” it was labeled a “cap and invest” bill where certain companies would be forced to pay $600 million into a state slush fund created by politicians. Because it was labeled not a tax it could pass by a 50% vote and not 60% like other taxes.

Allowing this lying, cheating and stealing to get around the 60% tax vote rule has no bounds whatsoever. Think about it. Politicians could create a population “cap and invest” bill where if the state population exceeds the cap of 4 million, every resident must pay (invest) $500 into the same slush fund as the cap and tax bill. Does anyone outside of the politicians and The Oregonian consider this bill or the carbon tax not a tax? This is why we need Measure 104.

The Oregonian further states that we shouldn’t change the rules, but rather change the politicians. I say, if The Oregonian doesn’t like the Constitution they should change the Constitution like everybody else. The current state of lying, cheating and stealing to get around the Constitution is a terrible precedent and unfair to the will of the voters.

This is why we need Measure 104. Stop the lying and dishonesty around passing easy tax hikes by supporting Measure 104.

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