First Measure 104 ad debuts…and it’s good

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Please check out Measure 104’s television ad which is playing across the state of Oregon this week. Measure 104 helps strengthens the 3/5th majority (60%) vote for tax increases. It makes the 60% vote rule stronger by closing loopholes that politicians use to get around the 60% rule by passing higher taxes with fewer votes. Heck, the politicians just passed a $1.3 billion tax hike on small business this year using a hidden tax gimmick to avoid the 60% tax vote rule.

– You can also support the campaign with a lawn sign.
– Email a lawn sign request to [email protected]
– Nearly 30% of voters are undecided about Measure 104, a lawn sign can help educate hundreds of people in your neighborhood.

Here are some key points to Measure 104

Oregonian taxpayers can’t afford more taxes.  Oregon now ranks among the top 10 states in the country in terms of individual tax burden ( That means that Oregon families are some of the most heavily taxed in the entire country. While Measure 104 won’t stop every tax increase it will make it a little harder and ensure that there is broader, bi-partisan support.


It tells them that we want better management of our tax dollars.

There’s currently no political will to make tough decisions.

Measure 104 forces politicians to eliminate waste before they come back to us for more money – or find new ways to raise taxes.

Vote Yes on Measure 104.