$58M boondoggle reason for No on Measure 26-199, Measure 26-201

$58M boondoggle reason for No on Measure 26-199, Measure 26-201
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

$58 million of our tax dollars wasted on the Portland Wapato jail that was built but never housed a single criminal (Oregonian 6-6-18). Multnomah County just sold it for $5 million. That is a $53 million loss of our taxpayer dollars.

At the same time, local Portland area politicians are pushing for a $650+ million Metro property tax to build affordable housing (Measure 26-199). Also at the same time, Portland is trying to pass a $30 million gross receipts sales tax on Portland businesses (Measure 26-201).

How can the politicians manage $650 million of affordable housing (Measure 26-199) when they can’t even manage to get a sitting jail to operate?

How can Portland expect businesses to fork over $30 million (Measure 26-201) when they just wasted nearly twice that amount $58 million on the Wapato jail boondoggle.

Where is the accountability? Where are the example that they have learned form their mistakes?

The Taxpayer Association urges a No vote on the $600 million Metro Tax Measure 26-199.

The Taxpayer Association also urges a No vote on the $30 million Portland gross receipts tax on businesses Measure 26-201.

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