Gov. Brown: 2 public record rebukes this week

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

The Associated Press reports that Gov. Brown can no longer hide 250 of her agency bills.  Here is what the East Oregonian had to say on this:

“Brown administration ordered to release 250 proposed bills.A judge has ruled that Gov. Kate Brown’s administration has until 5 p.m. Friday to release roughly 250 bill proposals for 2019, a Marion County judge ruled Wednesday”

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that Education Department tried to block release of school performance data. The public backlash was so severe they had to change. Here is what OPB had to say of the reversal.

“Oregon’s deputy superintendent of public instruction, Colt Gill, announced Wednesday that the state’s annual report summarizing school performance, historically called the “state report card,” will be partially released — a reversal from Tuesday when The Oregonian/Oregonlive reported that the report would be delayed, possibly for political reasons.”

This document hiding is a stark difference to previous governors and a terrible trend for Oregon governance.

Also learned this week, there are some huge taxes in the proposed agency bills Gov. Brown is hiding.  For instance, this week it was discovered that Gov. Brown’s Health Authority agency had planned $800 million in new taxes on wine, beer and tobacco.  This was a 10% increase in retail price of beer/wine/cider and a  150% increase in the cigarette tax.  That is huge.

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