Senator Jackie Winters, Dr. Bud Pierce rebuke Paul Evans’ sexist campaign tactics

— By Promote Oregon —

State Senator Jackie Winters and Dr. Bud Pierce released statements yesterday condemning Paul Evans’ sexist campaign tactics. Their statements can be viewed below:

Recent sexist attacks on Selma Pierce, candidate for House District 20, are desperate and unfortunate. She is a strong, intelligent woman who has demonstrated leadership throughout our community and is well qualified to be elected to the House of Representatives. I’m proud to endorse and support Selma Pierce. She is a hard worker and real asset to the Salem area. She shares my compassion for this community and will make an excellent legislator. Don’t believe the negative attacks, join me in supporting the best candidate to represent us.” – Senator Jackie Winters

Implying that our marriage is Selma’s only qualification to be a legislator is sexist, an absolute lie, and offensive to all men and women who live together and support each other. Selma has dedicated much of her life to serving her community as a dentist and non-profit leader, and I cannot wait to see her service continue as a legislator. These desperate attacks will not slow her down.” – Dr. Bud Pierce