RESULTS: Predict Oregon November 2018 Edition

The results are in for our Predict Oregon contest in the November 2018 election. This time, we had a total of 47 questions and one tie-breaker. At the time of posting, Chuck Thomsen holds a 0.5% lean in the Senate District 26 race. The below results would be the same even if we remove this race but right now we include it in the results. And now for the results…

First Place
Steve Elzinga
Salem, OR
Capitol Staffer
44/47 Correct (94%)

Second Place
Logan Gilles
Portland, OR
Capitol Staffer
43/47 Correct (91%)

Third Place
Andrew Downs
Portland, OR
Government Employee
42/47 Correct (89%)

Fourth Place
Erin Seiler
Independence, OR
Government Employee
41/47 Correct (87%) — Won Tie-Breaker

Fifth Place
BOLI Commissioner-Elect Val Hoyle
Springfield, OR
Elected Official
41/47 Correct (87%)