2018 in Oregon political cartoons

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The cartoons we invented in 2018:

This cartoon shows all the taxes passed in just the past two years…

Because the politicians keep saying Oregon never has enough money we needed to create a cartoon that busts the lie by using how Oregon compares.

Here below we have Portland working to ban plastic straws while choosing to not enforce existing violent crime laws.  Portland just begs for self-parody.

The Governor’s misleading “I love small business” scam was hard to explain, but easier for us to explain in a cartoon.

– We still laugh at our own jokes on this one,  “follow California into the abyss of success”.
– Based on Oregon adopting California’s carbon tax while California was ranked #1 in poverty.



– This “tax trap” cartoon warned about Governor Brown’s special emergency session.
– She called the emergency session for one bill to cut business taxes and then suggested seven months later after the election that much of it should be rescinded.


Below are cartoon & graphic mash-ups:

– Used this cartoon to highlight the absurd $650 million home tax to fund affordable homes (Measure 26-199)


Oregon ranks tops in regulations…


SB 1528 raised taxes only on small businesses while big business got off Scott free.  Hmmm


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