2016 Best Oregon political cartoons

Enjoy our best homemade political cartoons of 2016!
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This cartoon we designed showcased the true story of Gov. Brown blocking public records requests with high fees and long delays. The cartoon was seen by 14,000 unique viewers!!!

Remember the 2016 Legislative Session?   Terrible ideas emerged such as copying failed and costly regulations of California (more here).

The 2016 Legislative Session produced a big hotel tax.   We tried to warn lawmakers, but the liberal politicians passed it anyways.

When the gigantic multi-billion dollar tax (Measure 97) was nearing for the ballot, Gov. Brown held a strange press conference and announced that she had no position — for which she later retracted.

Months later, Gov. Brown took another excuse from responsibility by saying she would make changes to the state’s Public pension system (PERS) which is on the verge of bankruptcy.   You can’t see a leaderless theme going on here.

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