Don’t forget to use your 2018 political tax credit

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

The year is almost over and most Oregonians will miss out on using their free, yes free, Oregon Political Tax Credit.   Oregonians are allowed to donate up to $50 per person ($100 couple) and get 100% of it back on their Oregon taxes.  A tax credit is better than a standard charitable deduction because you get 100% of it back.

You can donate to the Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC here.

Remember the Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC helps elect pro-taxpayer candidates and defeat big government politicians. 

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon family helps to…

– Lobby against taxes in the Legislature,
– Defeat taxes on the county, city and local level
– Supports daily updated tax news on OregonWatchdog
– Lawsuits against unconstitutional taxes and invasions on our liberties
– Researches and exposes government waste, fraud and abuse
– Put tax cutting ballot measures on the ballot
– On TV, radio, newspaper and online advocating for lower taxes

We have been around since 1999… so we obviously are doing something good.

Three different ways to give here.