Political tax credit law expires. Will it be renewed in 2019?

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Upon reviewing the draft tax related bills of the upcoming 2019 Oregon Legislature, we noticed Senate Bill 200.   All tax credits have an expiration date and must be regularly renewed by the Oregon Legislature.  The Oregon Political Tax Credit is up for renewal and there is a chance that it may not be renewed.  Many politicians have been looking to cancel the credit as a a way to raise more revenue.  A few years back the Oregon Political Tax Credit was scaled back as they amended the law with an income limit test.

Knowing this, this year could be the final year of the existence of the Oregon Political Tax Credit. You may wish to take advantage of it and alert your friends to use it before midnight December 31, 2018.  Contributing to your favorite political cause has never been easier.   Yet, most Oregonians still do not know about it.

You can use your Oregon Political Tax Credit and donate to the Taxpayer Association of Oregon to help in our efforts to lower taxes, elect low-tax candidates and to help expose government waste, fraud and abuse.

Details: Oregonians can donate up to $50 per person/$100 couple and get 100% of their donation back as a tax credit on their Oregon income taxes.

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