Bill Currier for Oregon GOP Chair

Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier

The stakes of the upcoming leadership election for the Oregon Republican Party have never been higher. The choices we make will decide if our party fails or succeeds in the coming decade. Our leaders must be acutely aware of how Oregonians currently perceive the Republican Party and be prepared to help us prove to the voters that we deserve their support and trust to govern.

When considering the qualities of a leader, I am reminded of this quote (often attributed to President Ronald Reagan):

There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.

After every election, there will always be those who rush to take credit for victories and assign blame for losses. This last election saw no shortage of blaming and finger-pointing.

There is one person who has led Oregon Republicans well, avoided needless controversy, and who I’ve never heard assign blame for defeats, nor claim credit of victory for him or herself: that person is Bill Currier, and it’s why I support him to continue his critical work as the Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party.

There have been times when the GOP has chosen leadership that drew the wrong kind of attention. This has cost us trust with donors and legitimacy with the national party, not to mention the public. Bill has worked tirelessly to restore trust and rebuild confidence in party leadership. It is a long road in a thankless job, and he has sacrificed significant time and effort in this unpaid position. Bill has done this while also running a small business and serving as Mayor of Adair Village. His roots with the GOP run deep. Bill has spent years as a volunteer, PCP, and county party chairman.

There are many things broken with Republican politics in Oregon, but Bill Currier isn’t one of them. He’s served our party faithfully, and I am proud to support him. I ask that you join me in electing him as Oregon GOP Chairman and allow him to continue the work of rebuilding our party for the future.

Reagan Knopp is a conservative political consultant, Editor-in-Chief of Oregon Catalyst, and Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party.