Dr. Satya Chandragiri announces campaign for Salem-Keizer School Board

Salem, OR – Today, Satya Chandragiri, MD announced his intention to run for the Salem-Keizer School Board, Zone 4.

“I’m running for the school board because I’m not happy with the status quo,” says Chandragiri. “I believe every child can grow and develop to the full human potential, become a contributing, responsible citizen and member of our community and tackle the problems of tomorrow that we cannot even see. Future generations can do better than what we have done. We need bold leadership to ensure our schools can make this dream happen for our kids and generations to come.”

In order for our children to do well and prevent dropout from our schools we must address some of the underlying causes that are holding them back. Dr. Satya’s campaign is focused on child-first policies covering three areas:

Mental Health: We need to work to prevent school student suicide, bullying and address the epidemic of mental health challenges our children are facing.

Safety and Welfare: Schools should be a place where our children can learn and heal from the consequences of adverse experiences many face due to poverty, homelessness, abuse, neglect, and hunger. Schools should be able to prepare our children to be ready for future workforce or higher education.

Teachers: Happy teachers make great students. Preventing teacher burnout is critical in helping our children achieve good academic outcomes.

Dr. Satya Chandragiri is the father of two children who graduated from Salem-Keizer schools. He serves as a Psychiatrist in our community for children, adults, and families who have struggled with mental illness, addiction and other serious challenges. Dr. Satya’s work has extended throughout Oregon for the past 18 years. He is passionate about preventing suicide in children and youth in our community. As part of the Salem Health team, he is working on a Zero Suicide Initiative. He and his wife, Mary Talom, are immigrants originally from India and were naturalized as U.S. Citizens in 2010. They have resided in South Salem since 2005.

To learn more about Dr. Satya and his goals for the Salem-Keizer School District, please visit satyafororegon.com.

Dr. Satya will file paperwork with the County Clerk to run for Zone 4 on the first day to file for office, February 11.

For media inquiries or interviews please contact 503.269.9915 or [email protected].