Taxpayer Association fights 7% cell-phone tax.

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon testified against a 7% cell phone tax (HB 2184) yesterday in the House Economic Development Committee. HB 2184 would allow a 7% tax increase on cell phones to pay for broadband service expansion. HB 2184 would tax cellular service to pay for unrelated broadband service.

The bill also appears to tax VOIP or internet calls. This would be an internet tax. Lower income Oregonians and the smallest of Oregon businesses use internet calls to save money from high telephone costs (and landline taxes).

During the hearing it was mentioned that there is a multi-billion dollar federal fund that Oregon could tap into to pay for extending broadband service. Why are the politicians taxing Oregon cell phones 7% when there is already money sources we could try to obtain?

The first telephone tax began in 1898 when telephone calls were taxed 3% to pay for the Spanish American War. We are still paying for that tax today. Since the Spanish American War is long since over why can’t some of that money go to pay for broadband?

This 7% cell phone tax is just another tax on over-taxed Oregonians. Oregon taxpayers already higher taxes than most other states. A 7% cell phone tax only makes it worse.

– Help us fight the 7% cell-phone tax.  Make a donation.  We’ve been fighting for lower taxes for 20 years. 

– We are still analyzing the bill and awaiting the Staff Measure summary to studying the details.