Local GOP writer launches conservative podcast with national ‘Star’ power

By Northwest Spotlight

Portland area GOP activist, consultant, and author — Jeff Reynolds — has launched a new conservative podcast. The Behind the Curtain Podcast is an expansion of his upcoming book of the same name. The show exists to shines light on news items of national and local influence. Reynolds will report on the things that those in power would prefer to remain hidden.

In his first episode, Reynolds interviewed Star Parker, a nationally known author, and conservative political activist. In 1995, she founded the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), originally the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education. She focuses on helping Republicans bring their limited government values into urban areas where liberalism typically thrives.

With his book of the same name — due out February 26th — Reynolds takes a look where the Leftist billionaire’s club doesn’t want you to go—into the world of dark money and influence that has only one goal: to stop conservatives and Donald Trump by any means necessary.

Jeff Reynolds is married with two children. He is an experienced communications professional who specializes in media and messaging. As a blogger, grassroots organizer, consultant and strategist, Jeff has provided vital guidance to campaigns ranging from state legislative candidates to presidential candidates.