Bill Currier re-elected Chairman of Oregon Republican Party

At their bi-annual reorganizational meeting, 122 delegates from 31 counties gathered to choose the leadership of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) for the next two years.

Incumbent chair Bill Currier prevailed over his challenger, Sam Carpenter, who was defeated by Knute Buehler in the 2018 primary for the Republican nomination to be Oregon’s governor. Currier received 82 votes, while Carpenter received 39 votes.

For the Vice Chair position, newcomer Tracy Honl defeated former State Representative Wally Hicks by a vote of 86 to 35. Hicks aligned himself with Carpenter while Honl was part of Currier’s slate. She is currently the Chairman of the Washington County Republican Party.

After the first two results, the remaining Carpenter candidates withdrew.

Becky Mitts, the incumbent Secretary along with incumbent Treasurer John Lee, who ran unsuccessfully in the 2018 Republican primary election for Oregon House District 39, where chosen by acclimation.

These elected officers will serve the Oregon Republican Party until the next re-organizational meeting in early 2021.