New Oregon GOP Chair talks about condition of Republican Party

by NW Spotlight

Newly elected Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Chair Art Robinson was interviewed recently on Focus Today by Perry Atkinson, a former ORP Chair himself.

In the interview, Art talks about the state of the Republican Party, the GOP platform, recruiting Republican candidates, conservative values and a little bit on his background.

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  • Ballistic45

    The real problem with both State and Federal Republican Party is that it is so riddled with RINO’s that it has been rendered into a Paper Tiger.. If this were a Cancer Patient under exploratory Surgery, the finding would be that Patient is so infested with Cancer, it is hopeless… The Only Hope is drastic… Find some one who represents the Young Republicans and Tea Party call for small government, balanced budget, Citizens RIGHTS, Pro Business, Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Constitutionally Based…….

    • IhateLiberals

      News Flash! You mouth breathing, antique, hard right losers are not attracting middle-of-the-road voters anywhere. As long as you LOSERS keep running idiots like Sharon Angle, that Akin dummy in Missouri or the no-money, no-brains witch in Deleware – no one will ever take you clowns seriously.

      • Ballistic45

        News Flash! Obamacare has just been renamed Boehnercare as he just folded up like a Cheap Umbrella instructing House Republicans to FUND Boehnercare… So much for that middle of the road fence setting RINO… It’s very obvious that you have abandoned the original Platform of the Republican Party as so many have.. In short the Democrat Party has slid way off Left while the Republican party followed right along abandoning its foundation… We are not Hard Right, we stand where the party use to stand, we haven’t moved the party moved under RINO leadership… We still believe in small government, balanced budget, Citizens RIGHTS, Pro Business, Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Constitutionally Based……. What do you believe in now? Got anything else to say?

      • WashCoIndependents

        While R’s such as Art Robinson and Ballistic45 make up a large part of the OR GOP, their strategy – hoping that moderate leaning and swing voters come to adopt the OR GOP base philosophies – is a losing strategy.

        Here’s a survey, and a breakdown of how the current strategy will never ever win elections here in Oregon.

        The GOP base seems to be refusing, as a matter of principle, to try and win elections. I respect them for their principled stand. But don’t respect their political acumen.

        It will lead to one of three results, by order of what I think is most likely

        1. A continuing dominance of State politics by the Dems. Causing ever more leftward government.

        2..Arrival of a smaller center/right third major party that strategically partners with the OR GOP in select Districts in Oregon to form a winning coalition.

        3. A civil war within the OR GOP where the GOP financiers make continued financing contingent on adopting more moderate planks.

        Of those three, the second could be the most desirable to the current GOP. The Base can continue to run the party and platform and get to go to all the national conventions. They only give up a few House and Senate Districts to their cooperating partner, seats the R’s wouldn’t win anyway. Their financing stays in place. The GOP base doesn’t get everything they want, but they get more than they have now and they get to stop the most harmful of the Democratic policies. And the GOP base doesn’t sacrifice their principles – as much as they would have to if they adopted moderating planks anyway.

        But….as intoxicating as power is, I don’t see the leadership of the OR GOP wanting to dilute it’s power, or the prestige of being one of two major parties. Being the second biggest fish in a pond with only two big fish has it’s lucrative angles.

        • WashCoIndependents

          So…actually I’d flip #2 and #3. With the civil war being the second most likely scenario, and the one scenario that could be most successful being the least likely.

  • the change would be good

    Oregon’s political ship of state seen listing so far starboard, a two party system certain to keel over and sink under ‘waves goodbye’ from blue kool-aid fanatics. That said, to right the ship is for RINO’s and conservative Dems to shift ballast port side and tack away from the bag of hammers occupying the wheelhouse since 1987.

    • the change would be good

      P.S. Scott Bruun, a midshipman now, capable of a Captain’s post like Tom McCall?

      • WashCoIndependents


    • WashCoIndependents

      Starboard = Right
      Port = Left

      Otherwise I think I agree with you. But the last thing liberal R’s and Conservative D’s are going to do is hand the ballast to the native american dressed anglos who will just run to their far side of the rail and throw the ballast overboard, thereby tossing the ship violently back to the other side.

      • ycwbg

        Whew! The air is better now. Thanks for the heads up on port/starboard. I lost my bearings while trying to ascertain what’s up the DNC morass.

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