Governor Brown wants to raid SAIF to pay for PERS

Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

The governor of Oregon is planning a robbery. Kate Brown wants to steal $1.4 billion from the state accident insurance fund SAIF insures all workers against injuries on the job.
I pay SAIF insurance premiums on my employees. But Governor Brown wants to raid SAIF to pay public pension costs. Fake news reporters over at the Oregonian (I call them the “Daily Dead Fish Wrapper”) called this her boldest move to rein in costs. Now that is an outright lie. It doesn’t do anything to cut the cost of a public pension system. It is theft from every private company in the state and their employees who are insured under SAIF. Since PERS now stands $50B in the red, stealing $1.4B from the main workers comp provider only kicks the can down the road a bit.
Kate is a thief, and the “Daily Dead Fish Wrapper” trying to put lipstick on a pig by calling it reining in costs – that’s just thoroughly dishonest.