Northwest Democrats stick to their party no matter what

Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

You really have to hand it to Northwest Democrats in the US Senate. The stick to their party’s principles even when it comes to something so ugly that any reasonable person would just run away. I’m talking about the “born alive bill”.  All it says is that doctors must provide reasonable care to a baby born alive after attempted abortion. You can debate all day long about when life begins, or how many weeks slide by before aborting a baby is wrong. But this concerns a real living, breathing, crying, born, baby boy or girl. This law tells doctors simply you can’t walk away from that baby and let it lie til she dies. 

Northwest senators Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Ron Wyden, and Jeff Merkley voted to just that. So did all 6 Democratic Party senators running for President. Now 50 US Senators co-sponsored the bill, so it’s not exactly a fringe idea, although Crazy Maxie Hirono, the senator from Hawaii, calls it an attack on abortion rights. So the Democrat Death Party now defines abortion to include letting a doctor stand by a living born child til it dies and not lift a finger.