Is child separation OK when it comes to drug offenses?

Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

Some politicians find it outrageous that children dragged across miles of open desert and across the U.S. border are separated from the adults with them. I don’t say parents because we’ve found many of those adults are trafficking those kids for sex and other heinous reasons. Still the politicians say they can’t believe those kids are put into care of government social service agencies when border busting illegals bring them in. 

Now compare that to what just happened here in the Northwest. The Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team just busted 65 members of a drug ring in Eastern Oregon. These members of the “undocumented pharmacy industry” had 38 kids with them. You don’t lock up kids just because their parents are accused druggies. So they were handed over to social service agencies. 

Gee, that’s kind of strange. Illegal alien kids, victimized by adults in their lives, get the very same treatment as American kids in the same jam. 

Quick – alert failed Democrat Party presidential candidate, Sen. Jeff Berkley, I mean Merkley. He’s been spending his time as a representative of Oregon, down on the Arizona border. Somebody ought to tell him – the same thing is happening right in the state he represents