Save Oregon’s Enterprise Zones!

Oppose HB 2408A: Public Procurement Requirements on Private Projects

Property tax abatements are among our best tools for growing local businesses, particularly in economically distressed areas. HB 2408A puts future investments in local economic development in jeopardy!  

HB 2408A imposes public procurement requirements on projects within enterprise zones; specifically, the requirement to pay prevailing wages. Requiring prevailing wage rates on private construction projects offsets the very local economic development incentives provided by tax abatements. By eliminating this incentive, private investors may decide against industrial expansion or may choose a site outside of the state.

This bill already passed the House, and we need your help to let your state Senator know that HB 2408A is bad for Oregon’s local business community.

A public hearing on the bill is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.

Please write your Senator and/or show up tomorrow and tell policymakers that HB 2408A is the wrong policy for Oregon!