Knopp to Senate Dems: Reform PERS Now, Send Tax on Sales Back to Committee

As the stalemate continues between Senate Democrats and Republicans over a two-billion- dollar hidden sales tax, Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend) attended floor session today to express his solidarity with his fellow Senate Republicans and ask that their voices and actions be recognized.

“I respect and support my caucus members decision to deny quorum in the Senate and call for meaningful PERS reform to ensure education funding makes it to students and is not eaten up by our broken public pension system. HB 3427 has technical issues that must be fixed and needs input and vetting from all parties involved. It would be an important gesture to get a commitment to send HB 3427 to committee to hear testimony and make technical fixes” said Knopp.

“As one of the most bi-partisan members of my caucus, I have felt that it is important for me to remain in the building to continue work on multiple issues that will help resolve this stalemate and bring the session to a close. I have made commitments on several pieces of legislation that are still moving through the process and I intend to keep my commitments by seeing them through to the end.”