Petition to repeal $2 billion sales tax

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The coalition of citizens and free enterprise friendly organizations called Keep Oregon Affordable has official filed with the Secretary of State a petition to repeal the terrible $2 billion business sales tax (Hb 3427) — a tax that was secretly ramrodded through the Legislature and where the public was denied a right to vote on this ‘largest tax in Oregon History’.

“Salem, Ore. – Keep Oregon Affordable, the campaign to defeat the hidden sales tax, released the following statement after submitting paperwork to refer portions of HB 3427 to the ballot:“Today marks the first step in the process of defeating the hidden sales tax. Oregonians understand this form of taxation leads to higher prices for everyday goods and services and will hurt Oregon businesses. Voters have already said no to a tax on sales and we are confident they will do so again.”

Want a petition?

Please email name and mail address to [email protected]

We will mail a repeal tax petition as soon as they are officially approved — which may be today or Monday.  This petition gives you the right to vote on the $2 billion business gross receipts sales tax (Hb 3427)

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