Oregon Firearms Federation endorses Boles for SD 10

By Reagan Knopp —

In a letter, which began circulating in conservative Facebook groups on Wednesday, the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) put forward a slate of acceptable candidates in SD 10. Denyc Boles was named as their ideal candidate.

OFF respectfully requests that Denyc Boles be appointed to this very import seat.

The letter also indicates OFF would find two alternative candidates acceptable: Kevin Chambers and Becky Mitts.

They also expressed their opposition to Selma Pierce who they said received an “F” rating from the NRA and OFF in her 2018 campaign.

Marion and Polk County Republican PCPs meet Friday to submit a list of 3-5 finalists to the Secretary of State. One of those candidates will be chosen by a joint meeting of the Marion and Polk County Commissions.

There are five declared candidates at this time with several others rumored to be interested.

  • Selma Pierce
  • Denyc Boles
  • Kevin Chambers
  • TJ Sullivan
  • Becky Mitts
  • Ken Outfleet (rumored)