THE DAILY BUSTED: Democrats lie and the media lets them

Photo courtesy of Jessica Lee Davidson

By Reagan Knopp —

Unable to pass their landmark cap and tax legislation (HB 2020), Democrats have been spinning like crazy to prevent the GOP narrative from taking hold in deep blue Oregon.

Oregon hit national media over the weekend, but the false flags were flying from lefty sites like The Daily Beast.

Their talking points came straight from Oregon Democrats who were looking to build a nasty narrative about Republicans who have finally had enough of their “my way or the highway” lawmaking this year.

Their Friday headline read: Oregon Statehouse shut down after lawmakers team up with right-wing militias.

This narrative was flat out false (and the headline has since been changed).

Pictures posted on social media after the event showed respectful Oregon patriots were the only ones in attendance.

Local media bested national on this story as they took the time to *GASP* check with actual sources to confirm if the narrative was true.

Senate Republicans didn’t coordinate with militia and no incidents occurred.

We reached out to local activist Jeff Heyen to learn more about how the rally actually came together.

We just stepped up and organized an event so that there was at least one rally point for information. The whole ‘militia thing’ was nonsense […] ‘a shiny object of distraction’ to set the liberal media ablaze. Boy did it work. That is why we continue to point out the ridiculousness of that narrative.

Jeff Heyen, Salem area activist and Chairman of the Marion County Republican Party

An embarrassing display from national media.