Oregon Senators honored for their stand

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

The July 3rd Oregon Executive Club honored the Republican Senators who protested by leaving the State Capitol over the public being denied the right to vote on the wide-sweeping Carbon Tax, Bill HB, 2020 which would have raised gas prices by 22 cents and utility prices as much as 53%.

Oregon State Senator Chuck Thomsen spoke and picked up his award.   State Senator Herman Baertschiger spoke by phone.  The award was the “Don McIntire Mucho Cojones Award” (see below for description)

A cake celebrated these “Magnificent 11” Senators.

Also speaking was Loren Hutnick who helped organize and lead the TimberUnity movement and the incredible display of trucks and public support at the State Capitol.

Author Jeff Reynolds and Oregon Executive Club chief Gregg Clapper also spoke.

People signed thank you cards to the GOP Senators.

Here is what the award said….

Don McIntire Mucho Cojones Award

WHEREAS Governor Kate Brown, Senate President Peter Courtney and House Speaker Tina Kotek conspired to steal $700 million from the good people of Oregon through a fake Carbon Tax.

WHEARS The courageous Eleven Senate Republicans joined the battle and vanquished the tax ultimately handing Kate, Peter and Tina a humiliating defeat.

WHEREAS your protest ignited an uprising among the people and outpouring of support and gratitude that hasn’t been seen for decades.

BE IT RESOLVED, to the Courageous Eleven that the people of Oregon owe to them a debt of gratitude for saving their small businesses, their jobs, their family budget and saving them from $5.00 gas.

 Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr.​

Senator Cliff Bentz                            ​

Senator Brian Boquist     

Senator Fred Girod                           

Senator Bill Hansell                          

​Senator Dallas Heard                       

​Senator Tim Knopp                           

Senator Dennis Linthicum

Senator Alan Olsen                                        

Senator Kim Thatcher                    

Senator Chuck Thomsen