Tax Alert: Portland $4 million rental tax

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Portland apartment owners just got hit with some of the toughest new rules in the nation with new city-wide local renter relocation regulations and with the nation’s first-ever statewide rent control law. Now the city of Portland wants to begin taxing apartments at $60 per apartment to pay for a $4 million dollar City bureaucracy. The bureaucracy aims to license all rental owners in the city which creates a whole new mountain of paperwork and record keeping.

Portland has a longstanding problem of needing a tax to do things that other cities don’t. Portland cannot fund its art programs so it has an arts income tax. Portland cannot fund its streets so it has its own costly gas tax. Portland cannot regulate it’s ride-share services without having its own unique ride-share tax. Portland cannot regulate landline phones without its recently adopted landline tax (that is not a typo, actual landlines that people do not use anymore). Did we mention the leaf-blower tax?

The failed rent control model in New York showed that it hurts the very people it was trying to help because it forced inflated rent costs and severely handicapped funds for repairs and upgrades. Oregon is following this path, however with a new $4 million rental tax.

You can voice your opinion at public hearing:

$4 million rental tax Public Hearing
Wednesday, July 31 2:00PM
Portland City Hall

Mayor Ted Wheeler
[email protected]

Commissioner Nick Fish
[email protected]

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly
[email protected]

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty
[email protected]

Commissioner Amanda Fritz
[email protected]

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