6 facts on Gov. Brown transparency scandal

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


The Oregon Governor Kate Brown scandal over the resignation of the Public Records Chief,  Ginger McCall, has been breaking over the past 100 hours.   Former transparency chief, Ginger McCall, abruptly resigned over “abuse of authority” form Gov. Kate Brown’s office.  It has exploded to include leaked memos with damaging information on the Governor’s staff and also ethics complaints against on of her staff for whom Brown is nominating to be a judge.

Here are the six  major media stories and developments following this Gov. Brown transparency scandal.

1. Public records chief resigns over Gov. Brown “abuse of authority”

2. Top Gov. Brown staff secretly killed transparency bill

3. Leaked memos: Gov. Brown hypocrisy over public statements

4. Ethics complaint filed on Gov. judge pick

5. Editorial: Gov. should withdraw judge pick over scandal

6. Editorial: Revisit entire public records law in scandal wake

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