Campaign Watch: Trump’s full page Oregonian ad

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Election 2020 Campaign watch: It was surprising to see the first newspaper ad for a Presidential candidate in the state’s largest newspaper come from candidate Donald Trump instead of the dozen challengers.

The ad ran in the Sunday Oregonian November 17th edition.

Here are some of the advertisement selling points:

– President Trump’s policies have created almost 60,000 Oregon jobs

– Oregon’s unemployment rate has fallen from 4.4% to 4.0% since Trump has been President

– President Trump’s created 86 Opportunity Zones in Oregon to encourage investment in economically disparaged communities.

– President Trump focus on border security has dramatically reduced the influx of illicit drugs in Oregon communities.

What is your opinion on the campaign ad?

Is this ad effective?

When will the Democratic challengers issue their campaign ads?

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon will keep you updated on other ads as the appear during the 2020 election cycle: