Trouble sleeping? Could be the Oregon Mattress Tax

Oregon lawmakers consider letting DEQ tax your mattress
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


As if the new taxes on your paycheck (2017 Transportation payroll tax, 2019 Family Leave payroll tax, 2019 Kicker Income Tax refund reduction), your business ($1.3 billion Business Sales Tax of 2019), your health care (Health care tax of 2019) and likely upcoming tax on your gasoline and home heating bill (Carbon Tax) was not enough, the 2020 Legislature will be looking at a new Mattress Tax to pay for problems related to mattresses in Oregon.

The Mattress Bed Tax (SB1564) allows the Department of Environmental Quality to impose a sales tax (“assessment”) on new mattresses to fund a mandatory mattress “stewardship,” i.e. recycling, program. As an “assessment” rather than a “tax,” the bill may not require a 3/5 majority. Tax bills must start in the House and receive 3/5 majority votes in both the House and Senate and this bill appears to subvert that Constitutional requirement.

Although the details are still developing, it may be that the bill allows unelected bureaucrats to raise the tax without a vote of the people or the vote of the Legislature.

Apparently, having the 4th biggest state government, per-capita, in America is not big enough to tackle the mattress related problems our state faces.

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