177-page sneak attack amendment to Carbon Tax

Politicians surprise lawmakers with 177-page amendment to be rushed out on Carbon Tax (SB 1530) without time to adequately read the bill.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

At the near end of the day, Oregon politicians rolled out a sneak attack 177-page amendment to the massively complex Oregon Carbon Tax (SB 1530, also known as Carbon Cap-and-trade) and expected lawmakers to vote on it with less than 24-hours to read it much less have enough time for experts to understand what the 177-page amendment really does.   The Oregonian comments, “Democrats delivered a 177-page amendment to the bill late Wednesday, less than 24 hours before it was scheduled for a vote. Republicans objected to holding vote on the bill before they’d had time to digest the changes and before a public hearing on them.”

Before the 177-page amendment, the Oregonian considered this “…is one of the most complex and sprawling pieces of legislation ever to come before lawmakers” (Oregonian 6/17/2019).

Rushing and ramrodding 177-page amendments without giving lawmakers enough time to read the bill is an attack on transparency and open government.  This is why the bill should be considered during a normal Legislative Session and not during the super-short 35-day sprint Session.  Neither should there be an emergency clause on the bill blocking voters from have a public vote on the bill.

This carbon Tax (SB 1530 Cap-and-trade) is expected to be as much as a 72-cent gas tax increase and 13% heating bill increase for Oregonians.

Call your lawmaker to oppose this Carbon Tax

Call 1-800-332-2313 to stop the Oregon Carbon Tax (72-cent gas tax)
Also known as Carbon Cap-and-trade

During the short 35-day Legislative Session (with limited public hearings) Oregon lawmakers are on the verge of speeding through SB 1530 a Carbon Tax Bill which will effectively raise gas prices by 72-cents and heating bills by 13%. California’s carbon tax, contributed to (1) electricity rates jumping 30% (2) nation’s highest gas prices and highest in the nation and (3) the state being rated the state with the #1 poverty rate in America. Oregon’s $700 million Carbon tax will create poverty!

Call your lawmaker toll-free 1-800-332-2313 to stop the Carbon Tax (SB 1530)

1. Tell the Capitol operator (also known as Legislative Policy & Research staff) that you wish to speak to your State Senator
2. Provide the operator the name of your Senator. If you don’t know your Senator, provide the operator with your address so the operator can look up your address to determine who your State Senator is.
3. Once the operator connects you to your Senators office, tell your Senator that you oppose SB 1530 the Carbon Tax Bill. Always be super-courteous and friendly.
4. After you call, you can call back and ask to speak to your State Representative and repeat the process.

You can also email your State Senator and State Representative at

Here is how you can help defeat the Oregon Carbon Tax:

– Spread the word online!  Facebook Like, Tweet, Link and Email this very article.  Our previous article hit 72,000 Facebook Likes!

– Write a brief paragraph on how a big 72-cent gas tax and 13% utility increase will hurt your family or business. We can use your horror story as we lobby lawmakers. Never underestimate the power of your personal story. Email us at [email protected]

-Donate! Donate! Donate! Contribute online at OregonWatchdog.com to fight the tax (also learn about Charitable Tax Dedication or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).

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