Lawmakers eye DEQ fee increase

Senate Bill 5702 would increase DEQ fees in Portland and Medford.

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon lawmakers held hearings on SB 5702 which would increase Portland area and Medford DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) fees.

Yes, Oregon DEQ, the place known for long lines of paying customers now says it is short of money.

Yes, Oregon DEQ, which costs Oregonians nearly 40% more than Washington DEQ fees, says it is now short of money.

Yes, Oregon actually says they want it to be more than 60% than what Washington has paid for DEQ.

Yes, Oregon drivers who recently saw all parts of owning a vehicle increase (New car sales tax, 20-cent combined Portland/state gas tax increase, Truck tax increase, auto title increase, vehicle registration increase, and more) now expect Oregon drivers to pay more in DEQ fees to keep the car on the road.

Before increasing DEQ fees, the Oregon Legislature should look into the prospects of doing what MOST others states have done by privatizing DEQ functions to private automotive businesses.   It would be a boost to small businesses in Oregon.

If Oregon drivers can get faster service and for less cost, why not do it?

Taxpayers deserve a government that is innovative and cost effective.

Lawmakers should say No to SB 5702.

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