Selma Pierce announces run for State Representative in House District 20

SALEM, Ore. – Selma Pierce, a retired dentist and community advocate, announced today she will run to become the State Representative from House District 20 (Monmouth, Independence, West Salem, and parts of South Salem).

“Since the last election, no new solutions have been offered to help the people in HD 20.  There needs to be a different approach.  I will focus on the continuing problems of improving our students’ education, reducing the homeless problem, having adequate infrastructure, and being supportive of small businesses,” says Pierce.

“My mom immigrated from China.  I watched both my parents work hard and sacrifice to ensure that their kids were set up for success.  Through my experiences, I bring a viewpoint that is invaluable in today’s Oregon as our state’s demographics are rapidly changing.  I will build up our community, so all our families thrive and succeed.”

Selma spent years helping and working with people and her community. She is a dentist and a community advocate, working to support children, education, and providing services to those in need.  In these roles, Selma has been a part of crafting solutions to pressing problems.

Pierce has a way of working with many different people.  Today’s Legislature needs balance, thoughtfulness, and perspective to solve Oregon’s issues. Many people have great respect for Pierce and have asked her to represent them.  She will bring people together as she focuses on the things that matter to the people of HD 20.