Gov. Brown overrides democracy, Legislature to create Carbon Tax

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Despite bipartisan Legislative opposition to the $700 million Carbon Tax (SB 1530 Carbon cap-and-trade) and no Legislative votes to create one, Governor Kate Brown announced this week she will bypass the State Constitution by using $5 million of DEQ agency dollars to begin creating the infrastructure for a Carbon Tax (which is expected to lead to a 72-cent gas tax increase and 13% utility rate hike).

The Oregonian stated that it, “would be the most far reaching use of the governor’s executive powers during her tenure.”

If Gov. Kate Brown can unilaterally spend unauthorized state agency tax dollars to create unauthorized programs then what else will Gov. Brown do? Will she re-direct State Economic Development Department dollars to cut checks to big corporations who donate to her campaign? Re-direct State Housing funds to build a Governor’s palace? Re-direct State Police dollars to create her own new police force?

This is coming from the same Governor who became famous last year for hiding her actions in an explosive transparency scandal that almost had her recalled. This is the same Governor who broke tradition when she introduced the state’s first unbalanced Governor’s budget with billions of dollars of holes and no explanation of the taxes needed to pay for it. Simply put, Governor Kate Brown doesn’t like following the rules, working with people or living within the Constitutional limits of her power. This unconstitutional and bypass of the elected lawmakers act to create the early stages of a $700 million Carbon Tax scheme (Carbon Cap-and-trade) is a gross betrayal of our democratic principles and a terrible sign of things to come.

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