Legislature begins with NO-Carbon-Tax (72-cent gas tax) protest

Oregonians showed up in mass on the first day of the Legislature to reject the Carbon Tax
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The first day of the Oregon Legislature’s short 35-day February Session was greeted by people speaking out against the Oregon Carbon Tax and it’s impact of its 72-cent gas tax and 13% utility rate increase.  These brave souls weathered the rain for four hours yesterday to help protect Oregonians from these higher taxes.

Oregonians are speaking out against this Carbon Tax (72-cent gas tax) across the state this year.

yesterday’s Salem protest was picked up by others online,

Even those who can’t show up are spreading the word online from their own home — such as the Spigariol family below.

The Taxpayer Association has been taking the message directly to the people through billboards

Taxpayer Association designed this cartoon to show you how the Carbon Tax works and has worked for California.

Here is how you can help.

– Attend the BIG State Capitol Rally on Thursday Feb. 6th 10:00am, Salem State Capitol steps. Sponsored by TimberUnity. Go to TimberUnity.com for more details, rallies, updates and to contribute to their efforts. They’re awesome!

– Spread the word online!  Facebook Like, Tweet, Link and Email this very article.  Last week’s article hit 34,000 Facebook Likes!

– Write a brief paragraph on how a big 72-cent gas tax and 13% utility increase will hurt your family or business. We can use your horror story as we lobby lawmakers. Never underestimate the power of your personal story. Email us at [email protected]

-Donate! Donate! Donate! Contribute online at OregonWatchdog.com to fight the tax (also learn about Charitable Tax Dedication or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).

The full details of the tax are not out yet and will likely change as the big vote nears.  Because we know so little is just one more reason why ramming this tax down our throats in a short period of time with limited public input is undemocratic and just wrong.  The Taxpayer Association of Oregon first began fighting this Carbon Tax back in 2015 when it became an issue, we can’t afford to lose right now.

Your donation can help fund our billboard, cartoons, mailings and social media outreach.

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