Share your ideas for Oregon to beat Coronavirus

By Jason Williams
Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Government can’t do it all.

We Oregonians, in true Oregon Trail spirit, can make an incredible difference.

Italy provides an interesting example of how citizens can make a difference.

Check out this chart below.

When the virus first hit, communities in the Lodi province reacted swiftly and strongly to enact lock-downs and limit social interactions. This was very different than the rest of Italy and neighboring the Bergamo province where reaction was slower. When citizens were told not to go to restaurants and bars they went anyways in defiance of the order. Now Italy’s death toll has surpassed China’s with over 600 people dying in a single day.

The Italy example shows that citizen involvement can make a difference!

As said, government can’t do it all — they need our help.

I believe the extra boost of help will come from volunteer citizen engagement and ideas.

It starts with you and I.

Please email me your ideas to [email protected]

Email me your ideas on what we should be doing, what is working, what is not working and what you are doing in your neighborhood.

Email me how we can save our local small businesses.

Email me your stories.

Send me photos.

Send me your Coronavirus jokes to share with others.

Send it attention to Jason at [email protected]

We will share your ideas throughout the state.

We are in this together.

Jason Williams
Founder, Taxpayer Association of Oregon (1999)

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