Oregon debates full lock down. What is your opinion?

Your thoughts: Should Oregon lock down?

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Oregonian newspaper issued a major question this morning on whether Oregon should engage in lockdown mode. San Francisco has done it with limits on people traveling outside their home. New York City is considering the same, although the New York Governor is pushing back claiming that a city does not have the authority. China, France and Italy have taken wide-sweeping measures in their lockdown.

The Oregonian cites a call by House candidate and physician Dr. Maxine Dexter in stating, “Dexter believes the governor should issue a stay-at-home directive that allows people to leave home only for groceries, gasoline, medical needs or essential service jobs (such as medical staff, people who work in the grocery industry, garbage collectors and workers who run utilities that provide heat, water and electricity).”

This is a critical issue to taxpayers so we issue a call on this website asking our viewers to submit their opinions in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Should Oregon move into lock down mode that limits citizen movements?

What are your criticisms, compliments and recommendations for where we are right now?

We are in uncharted territory, so citizen feedback is critical at this important historical moment.