Here comes #4 disruption trend from the virus

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After the disruptions from travel, stock market and toilet paper, we are now seeing signs of the next crunch which will put consumers to the test — the much predicted supply chain slowdown.

Our office has seen it first-hand this week. We tried to order bulk USB drives on Amazon and found that it was nearly impossible to get them in less than 30 days. Others shared on how they tried to order simple DVDs on Amazon and Walmart online and were experiencing 30-day shipping delays. We noticed ordering office products on Staples that certain products come with long delays. Many popular items were available within next day delivery but the less common the product was seemed to extend the delay by weeks.

Axios reports that the virus slowdown has hit supply chain for 75% of U.S. Companies.

Expect delays for computers, monitors, phones, automobiles and electronics with microchips. Both the trade disruptions followed by the surge in online ordering have caused a double hit on retailers.

Here is a list of retails most dependent on the China supply line.

We issue this warning so you can be prepared and avoid over-reaction with our vulnerable retailers. The coming crunch will only be temporary, and many items will still be available but with either delays or increased prices.

Here are some tips:

1. Forecast now what important electronic and office products you need or cannot do without in the next 100 days. Order those now.

2. Plan now for ways to delay your need for certain items until after the temporary crunch by planning ahead, borrowing, sharing, office pooling or purchasing used items.

3. If speed is important use proximity purchasing. Ebay lets you choose items based on how far the seller is from your zip code. Amazon shows you where the seller is located.

4. Ebay is a good way to reach smaller businesses that can ship faster. This is also a great time to visit your local small business and support them during this down-time.

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