Gov. Brown should follow President’s re-opening plan

The President Opening our County Council is the right idea — Oregon should follow

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

President Trump announced on Friday his plan to create a bipartisan “Opening our country council”. The council will include doctors, business leaders and experts beyond just economic concerns. The President commented, “I want to get it open as soon as possible. This country was meant to be open and vibrant and great.”

Governor Brown should also plan a state bipartisan Opening our State Council. We need to plan for Oregon’s re-opening because it will surely require a transition. It may be regional. It may require tools (thermometer guns, more masks, specific employee training, best practices) that many businesses will need immediately and in large numbers when they decide to open to the public.

We need to be ready from day one when it becomes safer to begin re-opening.

The Opening our State Council needs to  capture the best ideas from health experts, lawmakers and business leaders.  Like the President, it needs to be bipartisan and open – not like how Governor Brown has shut out minority political voices in major decisions (carbon tax, criminal justice reform, etc.)

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon and Foundation encourage the opening of such a Council immediately.


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