“People not Politicians” launches statewide online petition drive

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The petition to put people in charge of their own local political boundaries, instead of politicians, was launched this week with a statewide call to gather signatures online.

Go here to read, download and sign the People not politicians petition.

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon is a coalition partner in one of the biggest, most diverse coalition, in recent Oregon politics which includes bipartisan support, and backing from both traditional progressive and free-market conservative groups; League of Women Voters of Oregon, Oregon Farm Bureau, Common Cause Oregon, the Independent Party of Oregon, NAACP branches of Oregon, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, OSPIRG, American Association of University Women of OR, Oregon’s Progressive Party, over 20 other organizations

“These are uncertain times, but democracy doesn’t stop. We believe, and a large majority of Oregonians agree, that every Oregonian deserves to be represented and every eligible voter’s vote should count,” said Norman Turrill, Chair of People Not Politicians.

Right now, the party in power gets to set their own political districts which has led to boundaries based on political favoritism, partisanship and unnecessary dividing of communities.  The petition would help create independent citizen redistricting commission comprised of Oregonians and create representation where it is currently left out.

Please sign the petition.