Vote NO on gas tax hikes, 10-years of gouging drivers

Vote No on local measures 26-209 and 30-137

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon urges a NO vote on Portland Gas Tax Increase (#26-209) and Pendleton Gas Tax Hike (#30-137).Vote No on local measures 26-209 and 30-137

Oregonians already pay the 13th highest gas tax in the nation.

Oregonians have been paying more in gas taxes and car fees for 10 years!

2009 6-cent gas-tax increase
2009 Car registration fee increase
2009 Auto title fee increase
2009 License plate increase
2009 New Multnomah car Fee
2015 14-cent gas cost increase LCFS est.
2016 10-cent Portland gas-tax increase
2017 New .5% car sales tax
2017 10-cent gas-tax increase
2017 New Transportation .1% payroll tax
2017 Auto registration fee increase
2017 Auto title fee increase
2017 25% truck mileage tax increase
2020 Employee payroll transit tax increase

Where are all the new highway lanes that extend for miles?

Where are all the new bridges to drive on?

Where are all the highway bypasses to relieve traffic?

Where are all the new high-speed one-way express way lanes like other state have?

Here’s where your tax dollars are going:

 $175 million in tax $$$ wasted on a bridge never built

“Columbia River crossing managers spent more than $175 million in public funds planning a bridge, highway, and light rail complex that won’t be built…it burned money at prodigious rates.”— Oregonian 7/4/13

Tax $$$ wasted REMOVING lanes instead of building lanes

Portland is spending millions of your tax $$$ on the “Central City in Motion” project, which will be removing perfectly good driving lanes in your neighborhood and replacing them with bus- and bike-only lanes.


No more removing lanes

No more wasting local gas-tax funds

Vote NO on Portland Gas Tax Increase (#26-209) and Pendleton Gas Tax Hike (#30-137).


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