6 ways we attracted the nation’s homeless. (Metro 26-20- tax makes it worse)

Why Metro’s income tax (Measure 26-210) will make things worse

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


After the liberal politicians’ policies attracted the nation’s homeless to move to Oregon (which created our modern homeless utopia) they now wish to raise taxes on you to help pay for the crisis they created! Metro’s 26-201 income tax and business tax will raise a quarter billion to pay for brand new undefined homeless programs.

Here is how Oregon got so bad:

Nearly 1 of 3 Portland homeless come from other states (OPB 3-13-18).

In 2019 most states saw a decline in homelessness, but Oregon’s numbers soared. Why? Because homeless populations left others states to come to Oregon to take advantage of our unique benefits.

1. The word is out. “People are coming here because we make it comfortable to be homeless” as quoted by a Portland homeless advocate in the national City Journal Magazine. (Winter 2016)

2. Multnomah County wasted tax dollars putting homeless people in expensive hotels ($3,318 a month) before it had to cancel the program because it became too popular. (OPB 3-13-18)

3. Oregon allowed food stamp use for 5 years—that’s 3 years longer than other states. The Atlantic called Oregon a “Welfare Utopia”. (5/31/16)

4. Multnomah County’s risky “no-refuse” shelter guarantee attracted too many out-of-area takers, which overwhelmed the system and led to it being cancelled. (OPB 3-13-18)

5. Portland’s “sleep anywhere” policy allowed widespread trespass-camping on private property. This led to the Springwater Corridor campsite, at 500 campers, was the nation’s LARGEST homeless camp. (Heritage Foundation 10/18/19)

6. When Portland failed to enforce basic laws, homeless people discovered they can do things they couldn’t do in other cities. Not enforcing minor laws led to breaking more laws. Portland homeless accounted for the MAJORITY of police arrests in 2017. (Oregonian 6/27/18).

No amount of taxes (Measure 26-210) will fix the problem as long as our backward policies continue to attract homeless from other states.

Stop Metro’s measure 26-210. It’ll only fund homeless from other states. Please fix the bigger problems first.


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