Portland Tribune: No on Metro small business tax 26-210

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Portland Tribune Editorial Board recommended a strong No vote on Metro’s (regional government) $250 million income tax and business tax to fund undetermined and undefined homeless programs.

Here is what the Portland Tribune said;

“Thanks to the pandemic, the timing couldn’t be more wrong to raise taxes on individuals and businesses. With a vicious recession already underway in Oregon, this is the most inopportune time for local governments to propose new ways to spend tax dollars.Every taxpayer-supplied penny available — and likely more — will be needed over the next two years just to retain existing, critical state and local services such as education and health care. For this reason, we cannot support Metro’s Measure 26-210″

The Portland Tribune further notes:

“Oregon collects 90% of its general fund revenue from individual and corporate income taxes. These revenues are about to be crushed. Nearly 300,000 people in Oregon have filed for unemployment in the past few weeks. Vast numbers of businesses are closed and bringing in no revenue to be taxed. Dollars from the new corporate activities tax will be far, far below projections.

Metro’s homeless-services measure would tax high-income individuals and families, as well as business profits. The money would be used to pay for services that help move people out of homeless camps and into more stable situations. The purpose is beyond reproach, but businesses that are closed will have no profits to tax and people out of work will no longer be making salaries, high or otherwise.”

The Portland Tribune confirms what we already know — this heartless and reckless quarter billion tax will hurt the people and businesses already hurting.  It will hurt those who are trying to help the homeless.

Here is the Taxpayer Association’s graphic that sums it up,

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