The Three Best Reasons for Re-electing President Trump

Despite what the mainstream media attempts to portray, the 2020 presidential election is not simply a referendum on President Donald Trump.  It is a contest between two men – Mr. Trump and, presumptively, former Vice President Joe Biden.  I say presumptively because there is still an active mass of liberals/progressives/socialists who are upset that none of their candidates (Sens. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Kamala Harris (D-CA), Corey Booker (D-NJ), etc.) made it to the finals.  They whisper that Mr. Biden is too old, two senile, or too creepy to be a viable candidate.  That’s bull.  Mr. Biden, Mr. Sanders and Ms. Warren are in their mid-seventies as is Mr. Trump and for that matter, me.  Mr. Biden isn’t senile; he’s just stupid and he has been that way ever since he began running for the presidency way back in 1988 – twenty-two years ago.  And as for creepy – well you’ll have to deal with that one yourself. 

These same dissenters are currently floating different plans to deny Mr. Biden the nomination.  They have suggested that Mr. Biden should be replaced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY).  That is never going to happen.  While the mainstream media boosted Mr. Cuomo as their media preference during the COVID 19 pandemic, they conveniently ignored the fact that Mr. Cuomo is directly responsible for the deaths of nearly 5,000 senior citizens by forcing graduated care facilities and nursing homes for the elderly to accept patients who had tested positive for the coronavirus – a rookie mistake given the highly contagious effect of the virus coupled with his nearly two months delay in correcting the error. 
Alternatively they have suggested that Mr. Biden serve only as a figurehead candidate and will cede the presidency to someone more acceptable; e.g. Ms. Warren, Ms. Harris, Ms. Abrams, etc.  That is never going to happen either because the uproar that will follow will damage the Democrat Party permanently.
Look, the people who finance the Democrat Party – Wall Street bankers and traders, hi-tech savants, and Hollywood phonies – have taken stock of the liberal/progressive/socialist activists who dominated the nominating process and found them all to be wanting – some more than others.  While they may have preferred somebody who can walk and chew gum at the same time, there was only Mr. Biden who was acceptable as the pliable alternative.  That’s what an election is about – a choice amongst those running, not a wish list for those who are not.
So, getting back to the purpose of this column, this will be a contest between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden.  Whether you like Mr. Trump’s personality or not, three important factors loom large and Mr. Trump has already proven he is capable of performing significantly in each instance.
First, Mr. Trump promised to Make America Great Again.  He did.  Record job growth, record high percentage of adults working, record low percentage of unemployment and those phenomena crossed all racial, ethnic, and gender classes – classes promoted by Democrats as a means to divide us.  The stock market set highs on a seemingly weekly basis.  And manufacturing returned to America to reinvigorate the middle class with well paying jobs.  He did it using a tried and true mechanism – he reduced taxes to generate additional investment capital, and he reduced regulations to redirect those expenditures toward useful purposes.
And then China unleashed the COVID 19 virus on the world.  It makes little difference whether it was by design or by accident.  The effect was to infect millions and kill hundreds of thousands of innocents.  The reported numbers are irrelevant since none can be verified and we know that three of the largest countries infected regularly lie about everything – Communist China, Russia and Iran.  The result was the American economy and the world economy shut down – just stopped.  The drop off was more sudden and greater than even the two world wars. 
The question then is who is better qualified to return America to pre-COVID 19 growth and prosperity – Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden?
Just in case, you might want to remember that Mr. Biden was former President Barack Obama’s vice president.  Mr. Obama faced his own economic challenge – one that he as a United States Senator, along with then Sen. Joe Biden, helped create by resisting changes to the sub-prime lending practices that led the way to the Bush-Obama recession of 2008-09.  (For those of you forced to endure a teachers union led education in the Portland public schools, sub-prime lending refers to the practice of providing mortgage loans to people without security and without a reasonable credit history – in other words to provide large loans to people who more than likely could not or would not repay them.)  While during Mr. Obama’s tenure, America eventually recovered all of the jobs lost as a result of the recession, it took the longest period in American history to do so.  And Mr. Obama’s solution – championed by Mr. Biden – was to try to convince the American people that record unemployment, stagnant economic growth, and higher taxes were the “new normal.”  In other words Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden were clueless about how to stimulate the economy and thus we’re left to say that “this is the best that can be expected.”  And Mr. Biden has vowed repeatedly to make his administration a continuation of Mr. Obama’s.  What a pair of dopes.  And quite frankly you hear the same excuse from Democrat governors now who say that economic calamity caused by COVID 19 is the “new normal” and rather than fix it, you should just get used to it.
So again, is it Mr. Trump vowing to Make America Great Yet Again, or Mr. Biden telling you to get use to the “new normal.”  That’s your choice.
Second, after three and one-half years of wild accusations by Democrats and the mainstream media that Mr. Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton we now know that there is nothing, never was anything, to those accusations.  They were made up by agents of Hillary Clinton, seconded to Mr. Obama’s Justice Department and repeated ad nauseum by a spiteful media.  And worse yet, they all knew that the accusations were baseless, knew before the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, knew at least two years before they voted articles of impeachment, and knew inside the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Intelligence Agency – and they proceeded anyway.  Along the way they destroyed the lives of several people whose sole “wrong” was to support Mr. Trump.  In summary, this was a collusion of people at the highest levels of the FBI, Justice and National Intelligence to nullify a presidential election because Hillary Clinton lost.  It is the essence of “the swamp” Mr. Trump sought to drain.  It was “the swamp” striking back.
Finally, after firing those at the FBI and Justice that he could, Mr. Trump brought in William Barr as Attorney General.  Mr. Barr, by previous service, was intimately familiar with the workings of Justice and the FBI and he possessed a sterling reputation for integrity.  Mr. Barr used more gentle language but promised to “drain the swamp.”  And he is doing so.  Recent disclosures by the Justice Department of the illicit activities at the FBI under former director James Comey, in league with the Justice Department under former acting director Sally Yates, have caused the Justice Department to withdraw trumped up charges against former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn whose sole “crime” was supporting Mr. Trump.  It is the tip of the iceberg and additional revelations are going to disclose the villainy of the “swamp” creatures.
The discovery, disclosures and punishment of those who would use the powers of the federal government to overturn a legitimate presidential election and punish political foes lies at the very heart of restoring confidence in a representative form of government.  A second term will ensure that Mr. Barr will be able to finish his work.  Given that members and appointees of Mr. Obama’s administration were active participants in these illicit acts you are safe to assume that a Biden administration would not only bury these investigations but punish those who dared to pursue them.
So again, this is a choice between holding government appointees responsible for malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance in office – all designed to punish political opponents and secure power despite a national election – or ensuring that the cover up continues.  It is the choice between Mr. Trump with Mr. Barr, or Mr. Biden and former Obama administration officials.
And finally, it is about the United States Supreme Court.  Mr. Trump has had the opportunity to appoint two Supreme Court justices and picked two brilliant constitutional scholars in Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – they are originalists.  Because they were nominated by Mr. Trump, they both faced highly partisan votes with each and every Democrat voting against confirmation.  Mr. Trump’s track record has demonstrated he will continue to nominate justices who will follow the United States Constitution as intended by its authors – they too will be originalists.  A second term will provide Mr. Trump at least two additional opportunities.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 87 and in frail health after having battled cancer in at least four instances in the last two decades including well publicized bouts with lung cancer, colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer.  While Justice Ginsburg is deservedly recognized as a brilliant legal mind, she is also a rank partisan who has openly criticized the election of Mr. Trump.  Despite her deteriorating condition she has vowed to serve for another five years in order to deny Mr. Trump the opportunity to replace her.  Her poor health may have other ideas. 
It is possible that Justice Stephen Breyer may retire due to his age – 82 and Justice Clarence Thomas who is currently the longest serving member of the court may retire to assure a younger conservative replacement.
In contrast, Mr. Biden will appoint judges similar to those appointed by Mr. Obama – liberal/progressives who will bend the Constitution to advance their social agenda.  Let’s remember that the “legalization” of abortion is a court made rule despite virtually every state legislature having banned it.  As a result more than 50 million children have been murdered in the womb – all without a vote of the people or their representatives.
So there it is.  The three critical reasons to re-elect Mr. Trump: 1) a return to economic growth and prosperity, 2) Mr. Barr to complete the task of “draining the swamp”, and 3) preservation of the constitutional rule of law through appointment of additional “originalist” justices.