Does your small business need masks?

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon’s re-opening requires some businesses to mask their employees.  These masks can be hard to find, especially on a short notice.

Thanks to a generous donor, the Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation has a supply of medical masks ready to send to those Oregon small businesses and all Oregonians who need it and are having a hard time finding some.

Just email your name and address to [email protected] or mail a request to Taxpayer Foundation PO Box 23573 Tigard, OR, 97281. Mention “mask request” in your email or letter. We will send them out to ASAP.

We have found that many seniors are stuck in their homes, some without internet access or stores nearby. We have also discovered businesses who are finding it hard to re-open without necessary masks to protect their employees. The Taxpayer Association Foundation is glad to help, happy to help saves lives and glad to help small businesses re-open and reboot their American dream.


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