$450 return-to-work bonus?

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Federal lawmakers led by U.S> Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) are looking at a $450 bonus for employees to retun back to work. The plan is a response to workers choosing to not to return back to work since the receive more in unemployment benefits than actually working. This backwards phenoneon was created when Congress added a $600 weekly bonus to existing unemployment checks.

Senator Rob Portman “because they can go back to work, go back to their health care and go back to their retirement savings, and yet get a nice, nice bonus for doing so.” and “saves small businesses from going out of business because they can get workers.”

We suppose this idea removes all doubt that government taxation and benefits do indeed impact human behavior — something fiscal conservatives have been saying for many years.

President Trump is reviewing the idea.

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(Read more from the Wall Street Journal article here.)


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